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Traveling Teams and Tipping In Other Countries: Brazil

Traveling Teams and Tipping In Other Countries: Brazil

Have you ever been to a restaurant with your team and argued about how much of a tip to leave?

Here in the United States it’s considered rude to give anything less than 15-20%. But what about other countries?

In the spirit of the World Cup, here is a little info about how to tip when your team visits Brazil.


The first thing your traveling team needs to know is that in Brazil tipping is not expected or typically given. However, they

will if a restaurant server has done something exceptional or out of the norm. This does not mean that

if you leave a tip they will not accept it or think that it is rude. So in your travels, if you are happy with

your service it is OK to leave gratuity behind.


Another thing to know is that when taking a taxi ride tipping is not required. Here in America we expect

to tip our drivers once we reach our destination. But in Brazil people typically round up to the nearest

whole number, nothing more is necessary.


If you are staying at a hotel, you should make sure to tip the chamber maid for her quality service. Also

tipping the bell hop is appreciated.


Happy Travels!


Jessica Payne – marketing assistant at Advantage Fundraising Online. Current student at Oakland

University majoring in Marketing

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