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Tips on Celebrating the New Year in Times Square

Tips on Celebrating the New Year in Times Square

I’m sure at some point you have watched the ball drop on television and wondered what it would be like to actually be there. Well, for those of you that get the opportunity to celebrate the New Year in Times Square here are a few things you should know.

When to Arrive

The first thing you need to know is make sure to arrive early. The streets fill up fast, and you want to be sure you have a spot where you can see the ball. It is suggested to get to the designated areas around 3:00pm.

How to Get There

It’s also a good idea to take public transportation to get to Times Square. Driving in NYC can be crazy enough; a then having to find a decent parking spot is even more challenging. So it’s recommended to leave your car at home and hop on the subway instead.

What to Wear

Alright, it’s going to be a long night so you want to make sure you are prepared for it. Since you will be standing outside for several hours make sure you are dressed appropriately. It’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes, and bundle up. Remember it is December so it’s not going to be warm and sunny, layer your clothing so you don’t freeze before the festivities really begin.

Before Arriving

Once you have a selected your spot for the evening, you don’t want to leave. It would be too difficult to try and find you way back, and chances are your spot will be gone. So knowing ahead of time that you won’t be able to leave a particular place for several hours it’s a good idea to eat and visit the restroom before making it to Times Square.

What to Bring

The last thing you want to know is leave your bags at home. Not only will cops not let you through but you will also be glad you don’t have the extra baggage.


Jessica Payne – marketing assistant at Advantage Fundraising Online. Current student at Oakland University majoring in Marketing

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