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Staying Fit On the Go

Staying Fit On the Go

There are many components to staying fit, but doing this while traveling is a challenge. Since you most likely don’t have access to a kitchen to prepare healthy meals, you may find yourself eating less healthy foods.


Step one to staying fit on the go: don’t give in to every craving. While it is important to try new foods while traveling, try to make sure you still get your fruits and veggies. I suggest that you find a market while on the road, stock up on fruits and veggies, and keep them in your hotel fridge so you can have healthy snacks during the day (and also have delicious meals at restaurants). Make it your priority to stay away from fast food! Although you may be tempted to have a quick, cheap, greasy bite of food, it is best to save those calories for a new restaurant in your destination.


Traveling does not mean you get to take a vacation from working out (unless you really don’t want to). Many hotels have free gyms that you can access and keep up with your gym routine. Also, it is simple to pop your favorite workout DVD in your bag, and stream it from your computer for a quick workout in your hotel room. Don’t forget: you’re in a beautiful new place! A jump rope can be your best friend on the road, since jump rope cardio burns the most calories. Your body weight will be your weights on your trip. You can do your usual routine without weights, doing exercises that use your body weight to tone and build muscle. My suggestion is that you go for a run, and explore this new area.


Staying fit on the road doesn’t have to be a challenge. Be a well-traveled individual while also staying fit on the go!


Written By: Meghan Lundin, an intern at Advantage Fundraising Online, and a Finance Student at Michigan State University.

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