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Traveling to the Winter X Games

Traveling to the Winter X Games

Every year, the Winter X Games take place in Aspen, Colorado. Once considered a “fake Olympics”, the X Games have grown in popularity from their focus on making it a fantastic experience for the fans of the sport. Here are a few deciding factors in attending to the Winter X Games:

  • It is easy! Even though there are a lot of people there, since Aspen has hosted every year, they understand how to keep the event moving and make it logistically easy for fans. Free shuttles drive to lots all over Aspen and drop at the front gates of the Winter X Games.
  • It is free! It costs nothing to watch the games from the base area. Aspen has done a good job of placing TV screens and other fan aids to make the viewing experience ideal. If you are willing to wait other people out, you can get some very good spots as people return inside to warm-up.
  • It is friendly! The Winter X Games are a fun event. Although they have an Olympic-like feel, there is much less stress from the event organizers and the athletes. Often times the athletes will wander through the crowd and talk to kids and sign anything they want. The ESPN camera men will often answer questions, when they can, letting you know where the best vantage points are for each event.
  • If you pay for a lift ticket you can ride up the mountain and see a few more of the venues like snowmobile and superpipe. Seeing things from up here can put things in perspective with the size of this event.
  • Lots of SWAG! Stuff We All Get is always good and almost everyone loves getting at least a few things for free. Kids especially will love jamming their pockets with all the SWAG they can.

The Winter X Games are a fantastic event that combines the competitiveness without all the stress on the athletes and meet officials. It is a worthwhile trip that will have your family enjoying themselves.

Michael Newton is a student at Eastern Michigan University and an avid supporter of track and field in the state of Michigan.

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