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Bus Trip Tips- Surviving Long Bus Rides

Bus Trip Tips- Surviving Long Bus Rides


If you are planning a trip and don’t plan on flying, there is always the option to choose low- cost bus services. Here are the very best bus trip tips! If you have never been on a bus for a long period of time here are a few tips to survive this experience:

Book in advance

Most bus services offer lower rates for customers that book a seat in advance. Make sure you have shopped around before settling, but once you’ve made your decision go ahead and make your purchase.

Do some research

Once you have selected your bus service, look into what exactly they offer. See if they offer things like Wi-Fi or power outlets, this may help you with your seat selection later. You can also look up reviews from other travelers to see what kind of experience you can expect.

Pack light

Unlike an airline, when traveling by bus there are no extra luggage fees. No luggage fees may seem great for those of us that like to over pack, but one thing to remember is busses have limited storage. The last thing you want to do is pack so much that your bag won’t fit, or cause inconvenience to other passages. So do your best to pack only what you need for your trip.

Bring snacks and distractions

If you’re going to be on a bus for 5 of more you may find yourself getting hungry or bored. It’s a good idea to bring something to eat before making it to your destination. Also to help pass the time, bring something that can distract you but won’t bother the other passages.

Get a good seat

This may be one of the most important tips to follow. When traveling by bus you don’t have assigned seats, so it’s best to arrive early to be one of the first to get on. If you have time check your seat, make sure it reclines and that it is located in a place that won’t interfere with your traveling experience. Sitting near the wheels you are more likely to feel each bump, so if you are prone to motion sickness this is not a seat for you. Also some seats have more leg room; if you are the type of person that likes to stretch your legs out this is the place for you.

Use these bus trip tips, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride!

Jessica Payne – marketing assistant at Advantage Fundraising Online. Current student at Oakland University majoring in Marketing

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