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4th of July Travel Increases

4th of July Travel Increases

According to AAA, about 41 million people have plans for 4th of July travel. This corresponds to a 1.9% increase from last year. Of the 41 million, about 80% of them will choose to drive to their destination for 4th of July travel this summer.  This is the highest level since the pre-recession Fourth of July of 2007. Vacationers looking to fly will find a decrease in airfare of about 5% from last year.

High gas prices are proving to not have any damper on the holiday weekend as travelers can expect to pay the highest price since the 2008 holiday. Across the board, the price has risen about 20 cents since last year. AAA contributes the willingness to travel due to people being more willing to take on debt due to an increasing job market and rising home values across the country.

What are your 4th of July travel plans?


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