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5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During Sports Team Travel

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick During Sports Team Travel

Is your team involved in sports team travel? Are you prone to illness and pain on trips? Check out these sports team travel tips to avoid feeling down on your journey to and from your team’s destination.

Prevent Back Pain – It is recommended that you get out of your seat every hour to stretch your legs and avoid overhead vents blowing directly on you as the cold air can stiffen your neck and shoulder muscles. Sports team travel can often be strenuous on your muscles, and you need them stretched out and ready to play.


Soothe Your Stomach – Before you go on your trip take probiotics to avoid gas and bloating. A few days out will assure they are in your system and fully functioning. Bring charcoal tablets to swallow while on the plane to absorb gases from all the gum chewing to avoid your ears popping. Drink plenty of water and make sure to eat fiber to stay regular. This will avoid any surprises while on the sports team travel trip.


Beat Jet Lag – Pack melatonin before you go to give you a jump-start on the sleeping process as early as on the plane. Change your watch to your new time zone as soon as you board the plane and do your best to get into your routine on your new time schedule. Once you arrive, get outside as much as possible to allow your body to adjust to the time change.


Fend off Weight Gain – Bring shoes that are comfortable to walk around in. Sandals or flats should be avoided due to increased chance of foot pain which can keep you sidelined from planned activities. If you start to feel hungry, drink a glass of water first and see if that cures you. Traveling causes dehydration which many people commonly misdiagnose as hunger. You get to know cities better the more you walk around rather than driving everywhere.


Fight off New Germs – Avoid coffee on the plane and instead drink warm green or black tea. The dry air of an airplane causes a higher chance of catching some sickness and the high antioxidants found in tea can help prevent this. Wash your hands frequently since hotels rooms tend to be less clean than we are willing to admit.

Use these tips for sports team travel trips, and you’ll be feeling grand for the game or competition!

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