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So You Want to Travel… But You Have Pets

So You Want to Travel… But You Have Pets

  • Family trips are fun, but you can’t always bring your furry friend along. Your main choices are to either:


  1. Leave the pet at home.
  2. Drop the pet off at a friend’s house.
  3. Bring the pet to a kennel.
  4. Bring the pet along.


  • If you choose to leave the pet at home, it is always best to have a neighbor or friend come to feed, walk, and check in on the pet. You can pay the teenager from a few houses down to get be your temporary pet caretaker, for a much smaller fee than bringing your pet to the kennel. Be sure to have a microchip inserted into your pet before leaving them in the care of someone else, in case the pet runs away or gets lost.


  • The kennel may be more pricey, but it also may give you more peace of mind. Oftentimes, kennels have online cameras that allow you to watch your pet play, and make sure that he/she is ok. If you do decide to bring your beloved animal to the kennel, always spring for the staff to clip your pet’s nails, bathe them, and walk them. The price is worth coming home to a happy, clean animal.


  • You may want to bring your pet along on your vacation. If so, DO YOUR RESEARCH. You don’t want to show up at an airplane, hotel, or event where your pet is not welcome. It is usually better to bring your pet on a road trip, however it is not impossible to bring a pet on the airplane. They can be stowed in your carry on (with certain restrictions) or can be shipped via air cargo.


  • Although you may miss your companion, it is usually best to leave your pet in the care of someone else while traveling, for the sake of your sanity and your wallet. Your first instinct may be to choose based on your preferences, but it is the pet’s best interest you should be considering when deciding what to do with your pet while traveling.

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