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Traveling Beaches in the US (the Best and Worst)

Traveling Beaches in the US (the Best and Worst)


All beaches have beauty, but not all of them are safe. Before traveling beaches, it’s best to do your research. It’s been discovered that 10% of water samples from US beaches do not pass that test for swimmer safety. The states with the best beaches are:


  1. Alabama (Gulf Shores, Gulf State Park Pavilion, Dauphin Island Public Beach)
  2. California (Newport Beach)
  3. Delaware (Dewey Beach)
  4. Florida (Bowman’s Beach, Coquina Beach, Fort De Soto North Beach)
  5. Georgia (Tybee Island North)
  6. Hawaii (Hapuna Beach, Po’ipu Beach, Wailea Beach Park)
  7. Massachusetts (Singing Beach)
  8. Maryland (Point Lookout State Park, Assateague State Park)
  9. North Carolina (Ocean Pier, Sunset Boulevard, Beach at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Ocean Pier)
  10. New Hampshire (Hampton Beach State Park, Wallis Sands)
  11. New Jersey (Margate, Avalon, Sea Isle City, Point Pleasant Beach)
  12. New York (Long Beach)
  13. Virginia (Virginia Beach, Back Bay Beach)
  14. Washington (Westhaven State Park)


The Great Lakes area has a very poor rating, with 13% of samples failing to pass the purity test. Ohio came in at a 35% failure rate (EW) as the state with the worst water purity rate. Traveling beaches can be tricky.  The states with the worst beaches are:


  1. California (Malibu Pier)
  2. Indiana (Jeorse Park Beach)
  3. Massachusetts (Cockle Cove Creek)
  4. Maine (Goodies Beach)
  5. New Jersey (Main Street Beach, Wright Park East, Ontario Beach)
  6. Ohio (Lakeshore Park, Arcadia Beach, Euclid State Park, Noble Beach, Sims Beach, Villa Angela State Park, Edson Creek)
  7. Wisconsin (South Shore Beach)


It is best to do your research before traveling beaches. Also, avoid traveling beaches with visible discharge pipes and avoid swimming at beaches after a heavy rainfall.


Written By: Meghan Lundin, and intern at Advantage Fundraising Online and a Finance student at Michigan State University.


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