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6 Tips for Traveling California

6 Tips for Traveling California

1 – California is a big state, larger than many countries in fact. Therefore, traveling California is quite a feat. Planning to hit-up multiple major areas will likely mean 4-6 hours at least in a car. There is a lot to do all over California, so staying within an hour will likely still provide much entertainment.

2 – Unless you are in the San Francisco Bay area, public transportation is not a good option. Renting a car while you are there is almost essential and will alleviate much stress attempting to deal with the public transportation California has to offer.

3 – When traveling California, bring a GPS everywhere. Even if you print off directions ahead of time, there is nothing more valuable than being able to change mid-route to avoid accidents, traffic, and anything else the California commute can throw at you. GPS will often update you on backed up ways to avoid sitting in too much traffic.

4 – The weather in California is pretty good year-round. In fact, there is little change from season to season. Therefore, traveling California in the dead of winter will likely yield almost the same vacation as the middle of summer. Consider to avoid even more congestion than the state already provides.

5 – Brushing up on a few Spanish terms may not be a bad idea. Although the primary language is English, having a basic understanding of Spanish terms can help when dealing with the Latino population at restaurants or public transportation.

6 – It’s Always Sunny in California… Well not always, but just about. Even in parts of California that are cool, the sun is still out and can cause sunburn if you are not prepared for it.

Now that you have the basics, traveling California should be a breeze!


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