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    Top 10 Phrases to Know When Traveling Abroad

      As an international traveler, it is always best to be prepared. Along with your passport, carefully packed bag, and sleep mask, you should bring along a willingness to learn. Other cultures appreciate when you push yourself to understand their language and customs. Here are the top 10 phrases to know before entering a foreign country:  
    1. Hello, goodbye, excuse me
    2. Please, thank you, I’m sorry
    3. Do you speak English?
    4. Where is the bathroom?
    5. How much does this cost?
    6. I would like…
    7. Major numbers (1-10, 50, 100, 1000)
    8. My name is… I am from…
    9. Hospital, police, travel agency, airport, train
    10. Do you take credit cards?
      Know these phrases, try to blend in, and be polite. It is also a good idea to carry a pocket translator, or have a language app on your phone for quick translations. These 10 phrases to know will help you tremendously!   Written By: Meghan Lundin, an intern at Advantage Fundraising Online and a Finance student at Michigan State University.
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