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Packing for a Cruise

Packing for a Cruise

Cruises are a great way to travel to multiple places in a short amount of time but you never want to come up short when packing for a cruise. Cruise ships have gift shops that sell forgotten items but they tend to be more expensive than they need to be. Remembering to pack the essentials will take some stress out of the situation.

Clothing is one of the most important things to pack correctly. Unless you want to end up wearing a shirt with a palm tree from the gift shop double check you have the clothes you need. The destination will dictate which clothing items you should pack. Colder cruises, such as an Alaskan cruise, will require warmer clothes such as pants, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and a jacket. If you take a warmer cruise, such as a Caribbean cruise, t-shirts, shorts, and bathing suits are all good things to pack. Bringing at least one good sweater on a warmer cruise is a good idea as it tends to get cold inside with the air conditioner turned up against the heat. If you plan on using the formal dining room bring a few nice outfits: dresses or nice pants and a top for ladies, nice pants, shirt and tie for the men. Cruise lines will have a dress code for formal nights so check it online before you leave. No matter if you go on a colder or warmer cruise bring a pair of good walking shoes. There will be a lot of walking, even if you stay on the ship. Bringing a hat with a brim is good, especially if you plan on spending all day in the sun.

Besides clothes there are many other things you should remember when packing for a cruise. Sunscreen is a must. Even if you’re going on a colder cruise, being outside all day exposes you to the sun. Bring a lot of sunscreen and apply often. Cruise ship rooms tend to be small with only one or two outlets. Bring a power strip with all of your electronic cords. That way you can charge your phone and camera at the same time and not have to fight someone for an outlet. Pack a few plastic grocery and Ziploc bags. It helps when you’ve got wet bathing suits and sandy shoes. Bring copies of any passports, ID cards, insurance cards, and emergency phone numbers and keep them in your suitcase. You may not need them but you will be glad you have them if you do. Use these tips when packing for a cruise, and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Cathryn Yandric is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dearborn. She is an avid reader and blog poster.

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