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Packing Tips When Leaving the Country

Packing Tips When Leaving the Country

Everyone knows packing can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling. And when you are about to leave the country it can be even more nerve-racking. Well, worry no longer! Here are a few packing tips to make packing for a trip abroad easy and stress free.

Packing Tip 1: Make a list

This is the easiest thing you can do before going on a trip. As soon as you know about your trip, start writing down things you need to bring. You can always go back and add or remove things on your list as your trip date approaches. Then on the day you start packing you can also check things off as you are putting them in your bag.

Packing Tip 2: Don’t fold, roll

To save space when packing the best method is rolling your clothes. This will work in both a suitcase and a backpack. Rolling also decreases chances of creases and wrinkles on your favorite garments.

Packing Tip 3: Layer

Layering applies to more than one part of your traveling experience, its best to dress and pack in layers. By laying your bags it creates a clear image of what is in the bag when going through the security scan. Also, dressing in layers allows you to adapt to different environments by adding or removing a layer of clothing.

Packing Tip 4: Don’t check important items

Since you are travelling abroad you want to make sure you have your essential personal items on you. Things like passport, money, credit cards, identification or any other valuable items should be brought with you. Worst case scenario would be having your luggage lost and then leaving you stranded without those important belongings. So be sure that they are with you before boarding a plane.

Packing Tip 5: Know baggage-fee policies

It’s a good idea to research airline baggage-fees before you start packing. Many airlines charge for checked bags and have additional fees for overweight luggage. By researching what the different airline baggage-fee policies you can decide if you should bring more than one bag or pack lighter.

I hope these packing tips help the next time you plan a trip abroad. Good luck and pleasant packing!


Jessica Payne – marketing assistant at Advantage Fundraising Online. Current student at Oakland University majoring in Marketing

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