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Sports Team Hotel Tips

Sports Team Hotel Tips


Is your team going on a trip? Then these sports team hotel tips will help you out tremendously!

Sports team hotel tip 1: Many hotels these days are quite expensive. Using sites such as Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Priceline, and Travelocity will allow you to compare prices between hotels and websites, to find the best rate. If Internet speed and price is a major determinant on where you wish to stay, check out the HotelChatter site to compare Internet quality between hotels. Just remember: you get what you pay for. When you book on a discounted site, there’s a chance that you’ll get a discounted experience. Go for reasonable rates, not shockingly cheap ones.


Sports team hotel tip 2: Upon arrival, use the bellman’s service. He/she will take care of your luggage and accompany you to your room. Be sure to tip the bellman!


Sports team hotel tip 3: When staying in a hotel room, use the hotel safe. Keep valuables such as money, passports, iPads, etc. while they are not physically on you to insure their safety. Also, be sure to always use the deadbolt in your room (especially at night).


Sports team hotel tip 4: Always be cautious and check for bedbugs. Never set your luggage on the bed or carpet, just in case there are bed bugs. Set your suitcase on a dresser, or on a stand in the closet. You may want to pull back the linens to check for bugs in the seam of the mattress, and look for small blood stains in the sheets. Be sure to do this check before you open your luggage and get settled into the room. If indeed there are bed bugs, leave the room immediately with your luggage, and ask for a refund.


Sports team hotel tip 5: Once you are completely packed and ready to leave the hotel room for good, be sure to check all rooms, closets, drawers, and wall plugs for anything you may have forgotten.



Written by: Meghan Lundin, an intern at Advantage Fundraising Online, and a Finance student at Michigan State University.

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