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    Marathon Race-Day Tips

    When you are traveling to a marathon there are obviously other things on your mind aside from the traveling aspects of the trip. However, handling those travel features will make your marathon a better experience and allow you to perform at your best! Here are some things to consider on your trip:
    • Pay attention to the weather predictions a few months out and see how much it differs from what actually happens there. A lot of change will mean to prepare for everything, because their predictions are not very reliable.
    • Wear sunscreen to avoid sunburn while running. Even if it starts out cloudy and overcast, clouds can part and sunburn can be one more thing you have to worry about during your 26.2 mile trek.
    • Keep in mind that this marathon is going to take you several hours, and the weather will change. The easiest item to bring to avoid being too hot or too cold is a hat. If it is warm, tuck it in your waistband or throw it into the crowd.
    • The gear you wear to the finish line is often donated to charity. Feel free to wear warm/weather-proof gear and feel free to leave it behind.
    • Get to the start corral a little early. This area is congested with all the runners for the day. At some of the bigger races, it can take as long as 20 minutes once the gun goes off to cross the start line.
    • Avoid grabbing water at the first water station, as it will be way too crowded and will slow you down too much and may even cause a trip-up.
    • HAVE A PRE-ARRANGED PLACE TO MEET UP. If will be almost impossible to find them for hours after the marathon otherwise.
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