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Best Summer Vacation Spots of 2016

Best Summer Vacation Spots of 2016

Haven’t had time to take a vacation this summer, but are looking for places to travel next year? Here’s a list of the best summer vacation spots of 2016 to help you decide!

1.  Mackinac Island, Michigan

This island is just off the upper peninsula of Michigan, and is very popular among people in the Midwest. Travel across the famous Mackinac Bridge and take a ferry over to the island where no cars are allowed! Go biking around the island, horseback ride, shop in town, or visit the Grand Hotel during your stay. Don’t forget to pick up some famous Mackinac fudge to bring home!

2.  Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head is located off the coast of South Carolina, and is one of the best summer vacation spots in the United States! While the island is only about 60 miles long, it is packed with tons of restaurants, beautiful beaches, golf courses, historic landmarks, and many more things that make it a top summer vacation spot.

3.  Yellowstone National Park

Explore the first national state park in the world that stretches over Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. At Yellowstone there’s a plethora of activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, rafting, and more! The scenery at the national park is more than breathtaking.  You can watch geysers erupt and wild animals such as grizzly bears and bison cross your path. Not into the outdoors? Travel to one of the many Native American reservations, and learn more about the history of the park.

4.  Marco Island, Florida

Everyone needs to visit Marco Island at least once in their life. This island is just off the coast of southern Florida, and is a trip unlike any other. This place has everything from being able to get adventurous and travel through The Everglades, to getting dressed up for a fancy dinner at one of the top beach restaurants. Marco Island has been consistently ranked in the top 5 best beaches in Florida, and continues to be one of the most traveled to areas in the country.

5.  Aspen, Colorado

Ending the list is Aspen, Colorado, which may be one of the most unique places to visit in the summer. Most people are only familiar with Aspen’s iconic ski resorts; however, the summer months are also a great time to visit. With the warmer weather in the summer you’ll be able to go hiking and biking through the mountains, capturing the beauty of the area along the way. In addition, unique local shops are set up all over the city that make for an unforgettable experience.

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