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One call or click is all you need

One Call is All You Need

When one of our Traveling Teams reservation agents assists you, your event attendees will have to power to create, cancel, or modify a reservation. Traveling Teams carefully monitors our staff members and provide them continual education on your event.
We have full access to all reservations, therefore allowing us to quickly comply with any request. You will not be placed on hold for extended amounts of time or be transferred among various agents/departments; you will only be given quick, friendly, and efficient service.

One Click is All You Need

At Traveling Teams, we assure you that you will be getting superior hospitality and state of the art technology. Your event will be supported by our dependable web based reservation system, and your staff will be supported by our phenomenal reservation agents.  

FREE Fully Digital Telephone System

  • Provide event specific toll free numbers
  • Provide access to 24/7 reservation assistance
  • Offer call center phone data reporting
  • Customize on hold messaging and greetings
  • Customized reservation acknowledgements
  • Data entry of all reservations via the medium of your choice
  • Helpful information about the hotel, location, and event
  • Follow up calls in order to assist registered attendees

Customer service is the most important feature of our company. It is what sets us apart.

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